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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have been so busy this week! I opened 2 new shops, started a new blog, renewed my Sweet Georgia Beads godaddy domain, (It is forwarded to my Etsy supply shop) bought a new domain for Prolific Adornments, created new jewelry for all my shops... and on and on.

I've been wanting to open a new shop. (see here) One reason for this was that the domain "DesignsByDebi" .com was taken. I wanted to be able to brand myself more and own the domain of my jewelry shop. So I finally choose a cool name- Prolific Adornments. :) I love the name. I made sure I checked everywhere before choosing it- the web, Etsy, Artfire, gmail, blogger. No one had used that name. Surprise Surprise! lol. So now I have it all! weeeeeeeeeee.

Another reason I wanted to open a second jewelry shop is because my jewelry style can vary so much. Sometimes I create what I would call cutesy jewelry ...and sometimes I create hmmm... darker stuff. More vintage-y kinda stuff. Dark colors, tons of patina, worn out old jewelry reworked into new pieces. I wanted to open a shop more in that direction, so Prolific Adornments was born.
The Secret necklace is still in my DesignsByDebi shop at the moment. That's a problem I seem to be having. I have a lot of jewelry at DBD that I want to move to PA, but a lot of it has hearts on it already! I hate moving pieces that people have hearted and may be actually planning on purchasing! Argh

I did also register the shop on Artfire, but I am using it in a different way at the moment. I have some jewelry that I am just tired of seeing in my DBD etsy shop, so for now, I am using the Artfire shop to sell that jewelry. I'm going to give it a couple of months and if it doesn't sell, I will give it away to family and friends, destroy it or just chunk it out the window. LOL Then I want to fill up the artfire shop with pieces more on the line of Prolific Adornments on Etsy.


Pretty Things said...

Wow, you've been busy -- and so smart, too! Registering domain names is clever. I have about six that I've registered, some just parked for when I get around to a new design style (in alllll my spare time!). Heading to your shops now to peek around!

~Debi said...

Thank you Pretty Things :)

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