Patinas and Silk

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Speaking earlier of thinking outside of the box, here are some things I recently purchased. I bought a pile of the lovely Sari Silk. It's my first fair trade purchase. :) I created a lovely bracelet with it already and listed it in my shop.

Sari Silk Bracelet

The mandrels are so cool. Four different shapes for making new cool findings. I bought them here.

The patinas are from MissFickleMedia. I've only tried out one so far and the results were pretty good.

Things in the Works & New Beads

I am working on this cool glass and paper pendant. All foiled wrapped and ready to solder. I actually have not created a soldered glass pendant before, so this should be an adventure.

It really is time for me to think outside the box though. Although I do create some jewelry that is what some would call "assembly" type jewelry, I love to create the parts and pieces myself. That's the only way you can have truly unique items.

Bought these new beads. I love black! Above are cinnabar, lava and a couple others. The ones at the very top are black quartz. They are really awesome! I hope they aren't too heavy for earrings.

Some of My Sold Items

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Red Hot Drops

Recycled flower ring

Underwater Sparkler

Too Much Time on My Hands

Some of My Favorite Pieces

The Butterfly's Collection. - What I would see butterflies collecting.

Hearts On Display- Lots of copper colored charms and chocolate glass pearls.

Bloom- Lots of fun with raw copper and my torch!

Finding MY Style

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I really need to find my style. Some days I create vintage-y things like thisThe Secret Necklace
And then some times I create newer stuff like this

For The Love Of Rock N Roll

I guess it would be ok to create both types of jewelry, but I have seriously been thinking about opening a second shop to sell one or the other in. It would keep my shops looking more cohesive. Ya think?

I'm Horrible!

Seriously, I can't seem to keep up with a blog to save my life. I've been reading a few blogs that I L O V E and it inspired me to start back blogging. Maybe I can keep it up this time! lol