Thinking and Pondering

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ok so earlier here, I was talking about separating my jewelry into two shops. I was thinking about it again today. The thing is, "Designs By Debi" is so...generic sounding. I would leave the more "generic, assembled" type jewelry in Designs By Debi and put the cooler, vintage-y things in the new shop.

So today I was trying to come up with a new shop name. I really love some of the cool names some other Etsy sellers use. Like Opulent Oddities, Fanciful Devices, Covetable Curiosities and Sparrow Salvage. I'm throwing around words like -Profuse- Copious- Prolific- Gadgets- Doodads- Whimsy and Apparatuses. My brain is on serious Dictionary/Thesaurus overload.