Flea Market Finds

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I went to our local flea market today and got some cool junk jewelry to make into new things.
Some of it was in larger bags, so it's not all "good junk" but there are some cool things in what I got.

A tip for flea market sellers. When you have a customer that has been standing there sorting through items, don't sell the whole batch out from under them. I had been standing at this table a good five minutes going through a suitcase full of old jewelry. A man walked up and wanted to buy the whole thing. Instead of letting the customer that was there first (me) finish shopping, then wheel and deal with the next customer, they sold what was left for one price. They told me I could buy what I already had set aside.

I mean seriously! That was R U D E! If I had not really wanted what I had already, I would have given them a FU and walked away. They saw how ticked I was and gave me what I had for almost half price, but still. If I see them again, I will just keep walking.