"Yeah But I've Bought on that Auction Site Before....

Monday, August 20, 2007

and they weren't very friendly."

Oh....Etsy is a TOTALLY different place from that auction site!

The sellers are SO friendly. Many of them will do custom work for you! One of my first purchases was from http://www.noveltycreations.etsy.com She had one of the KEWLEST purses there. Then I read the dimensions for it. Whoa! too big for me. I don't like large handbags. So....I "convoed" her. (you can send messages directly to sellers by way of "convo." ) I asked her if she would use that fabric to make me a smaller sized purse. Absolutely!! I am now the proud owner of a custom made just for me handbag. :)

As I said, many Etsy sellers will do custom work happily!

The etsy community is wonderful. Its not dog eat dog like at that other place.